Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paperless Law Firms, Is It Possible? The Go Green Advocacy and LPO

Mother Earth is in danger of ruin and a strong campaign to save it from destruction has reached all four corners of the world. Every industry is trying its best to keep up with the global demands of concerned environmentalists and the Legal Industry is one with their endeavor of keeping the earth a suitable place for our children.

Law Practice Optimization or Legal Practice Optimization (LPO) as others refer to it is one of the responses of the legal industry to the heightened demands of the world to reduce the use of paper in offices. In the United States alone, approximately 100,000 sheets of paper every year is utilized by a single lawyer for research and documentation. This is equivalent to 12 forty foot trees cut in a year, or enough paper that could wrap the entire US Supreme Court Building sixty six times over. If this can be reduced then a lot of trees can be spared. If all law offices can go paperless and adopt LPO systems then the dream for a cleaner and better world for our children can very much become a reality.

The task of going paperless is quite unrealistic for now since it is inevitable for lawyers to submit case files, petitions, responses, pleas, memorandum, letters and billing statements to their clients, other attorneys, as well as to the Court. However, the challenge to reduce the use of paper in the work place is not an illusion but a reality. It has been practiced by a few law firms and helping save the earth is just one of the benefits they are reaping from LPO systems.

One of the common problems of law firms is efficient legal office management. Although paralegals are hired to assist lawyers with their daily tasks, it is still a common site in traditional law offices to see piles of folders and scattered papers on the floor and paralegals that are going round in circles in search for a particular folder case. At times, the task of finding a specific case required at a specific time becomes so frustrating it even leads to unnecessary conflicts and heated arguments amongst legal personnel which is a very unhealthy practice in the workplace.

Legal Practice Optimization provides an end to all of these office hassles. It is the best legal assistant any lawyer can dream of and is a solution offered by software developers to legal industries so they can work more efficiently inside their offices. It introduces modern technology to traditional offices and assists them in getting rid of unwanted clutters and useless paper files that only gets in the way of efficient productivity. Instead of the traditional paper and file system which is traditionally used in legal offices; it offers paralegals and lawyers a file and click system which will allow them to view the necessary information they need within seconds.

Law Practice Optimization compliant legal case management software allows its users to achieve desire results fast and efficiently with just a few clicks of a mouse. If you need to generate a letter then there are hundreds of letter templates stored in the system which will make letter writing a very easy task to accomplish. If you need to check the billing statements of a particular client then a simple click on the client's profile will reveal the remaining bills he needs to settle. Anything that you will need to accomplish your goal for the day will be provided to you fast and conveniently. Thus no more wasted time and effort just to go on and search for missing files and records.

Another positive benefit of Law Practice Optimization in the work place is the ability to receive your daily mails, reminders, and even court notifications electronically. It gives an assurance to lawyers that they will never miss an important appointment, court proceeding, petitions and responses because they will receive notifications wherever they will be. Even if you are not inside the office you can still easily monitor the work progress of your legal personnel.

In addition to these benefits, LPO provides smooth client-lawyer relationship since lawyers can now quickly and efficiently respond to the queries of their clients through electronic correspondences. Law Practice Optimization can see to it that important mails will easily be noticed by the lawyer and conveniently addressed through a simple user interface embedded in the designed software.

Law Practice Optimization may be relatively new for some but it is the most effective tool any lawyer can dream of. It will free you from additional pressure brought by forgotten deadlines and appointments. It will free you from stress brought by paper clutters inside the office. It will free you from concerns because of undelivered bill statements to clients. It will make your office work more convenient while providing you better online exposure and marketing that will guarantee increased revenue in the future.

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