Friday, October 4, 2013

Guerrilla Marketing For Law Firms

What is guerrilla marketing for law firms in particular? Now that you mention it, the term "guerrilla marketing" is used by many people. What does that term mean anyway? The father of this approach is Jay Conrad Levinson who wrote the original book on the subject in 1983. His books have sold in the tens of millions of copies, are now all over the globe in 37 languages and the approach is taught in many MBA programs worldwide. Much like the brand "Xerox" that became a generic name for making copies of something at one time, Jay's brand name became a generic term for inexpensive strategies that get maximum results. There is no reason guerrilla marketing for law firms can't work for you.

What does Jay say this approach is about? "The essence of guerrilla marketing is a blend of common sense, realistic expectations and dedication to a plan. It is hardly a miracle worker, but when done properly, does seem to work miracles for those with patience, aggressiveness and willingness to constantly learn." In one of Jay's many books he says "If you begin to use a low-cost but power-packed arsenal of marketing weapons, you can out market your competition before your competitors outsmart you."

To be successful in guerrilla marketing for law firms you need to create the correct mind set as well as keep you mind open, see yourself as in the "law business" as well as know what strategies/tactics will work for your personality in your practice areas. You also will need to make a plan and work the plan consistently, persistently and be well targeted over time. You can do this since it is much easier than what it took to become an attorney is my thinking and experience. Naturally the key issues are having the "right knowledge" and "implementation" of that right knowledge in guerrilla marketing for law firms.

Marketing knowledge is everywhere of course - articles, books, tapes, CDs, and seminars. The key thing here is the "right knowledge" in guerrilla marketing for law firms. Beyond that and even more important is the "implementation" part once you know the right knowledge. Coaching is all about implementation of the right knowledge, having a plan and working the plan.

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