Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Law Firms Know How to Eliminate Your Contempt Charge

We've all heard the words "you're in contempt" on television and in the movies. What does it really mean to be in contempt and are there actual consequences for this action? When a judge says you are in contempt, they are stating you are in contempt of court and actually issue an order stating you have disobeyed a direct order given by the court. This order can also be given when you have been considered to be disrespectful during a court hearing or trial. The two most common behaviors for this court order are showing disregard toward the judge or by bad behavior disturbing the court trial.

Contempt can be classified two ways. The first is called direct contempt and results from the contempt happening in the company of the presiding judge. Indirect contempt is the second classification. This kind actually happens outside of the court by someone not following a direct court order. Court orders consist of things such as subpoenas and temporary restraining orders. Breaking these orders is considered being in contempt.

The court itself can begin a contempt trial. Anyone who has an order in place to prevent another party from pursuing certain actions can petition for action on the basis of contempt. The most common reasons for a person being in contempt are child support payment failure, denial of visitation rights, failure to appear in court when subpoenaed, and failure to pay fines or court costs. A complaint must be filed under the clerk of courts who will then issue the party a citation. The citation will state the charge and the possible penalties if found guilty.

The prosecutor or person complaining about contempt must prove four elements for it to be contempt. There must be existence of an order and the person in contempt or contemnor must have had knowledge of it. They must then prove the contemnor was able to comply and failed to despite the ability being present. If they cannot prove these four elements, the contemnor is less likely to be found guilty.

When a person is accused of contempt, they have many of the same protections as someone does in a criminal prosecution. They are considered innocent until proven guilty. This must be beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must provide evidence of the contempt. A person charged with contempt can refuse to be a witness at the proceedings. People found guilty of contempt can be fined up to 1,000 dollars or receive up to five days of jail time depending on the states laws regarding contempt. Both can be given as punishment as well.

If you or someone you know has been charged with contempt, a law firms can help. During divorce proceeding court outburst are common for contempt charges. Divorce lawyers see this often due to heated tempers and bad situations. Being charged of contempt is just as serious as any other basic charge. A good lawyer may be able to help the court find you not guilty and make sure the charge stays off your record. Legal advice is recommended and a must when anyone is charged with being contempt of the court.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tips to Choose the Right Law Firm for Small Business

As a business owner, you will be taking on many responsibilities. In your position as a boss, it is your ultimate decision that impacts your employees. While at times this may feel like you are carrying the weight of the world by yourself, you can add to your team a highly qualified advocate. Developing a solid relationship with the lawyer who fully understands your company will be essential to your success. Here are a few important tips to help you choose the right legal firm for your business.

Understand Your Business Field

Legal firms offer a wide range of services to big and small businesses alike. Nonetheless, the legal support that these businesses require varies greatly due to their resources, the type of legal issues that they are facing, as well as their reputation in the market. If there is a particular area of your business where you will need legal advice, it is a good idea to search for law firms that are well known for specializing in those fields. Searching on the internet or even asking around about the right firm is important as this is the best way to evade law firms that might not be the best to represent your business.

Check Their Background

It is important to check the firm's background in terms of offering legal help to smaller business. Keep in mind that not all legal firms cater for small sized businesses. Other firms deal with major businesses only while others specifically deal with legal issues for small and medium businesses. Always look for their success in handling previous legal issues for small sized businesses, and ideally with the similar background. Ask them for client references and verify these comprehensively before making your decision.

How They Communicate

Like any other business, a legal firm ought to be prompt, professional as well as friendly in their approach to clients. They should be ready to explain everything even the most complicated legal situation in simple terms that you can easily understand. It is imperative for the legal representatives you are working with to be more approachable and good communicators.


All corporate attorneys should be certified and licensed to practice law. You should be able to confirm prior to entering into business with the firm.

Cost and Affordability

Before you hire an advocate, consider the cost and other charges that you have to pay. Make sure that you fully understand their fee system. Ask about their fees for specific tasks, like drawing up legal documents. Picking a big legal firm can be unnecessary considering small business requirements. Choose small legal firms that also offer an array of services, but at cheap costs, keeping limited resources of small sized businesses in mind.

While picking the right law firm can be a tedious task, the secret is to act wisely. It is also a welcome decision to do some research on local legal firms. No doubt the process may consume time, but you will certainly land the best law firm.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Persuasion Techniques For Law Firm Advertising

There are some simple rules which should be followed in persuading potential clients to a law firm through lawyer advertising techniques. Though some factors may contribute to the reasons why some clients prefer to buy some products and services from a website, most consumers want to get their problems solved through the top websites on the search engine, or from an award winning website. However, none of these factors can be compared with the power of persuasion. People subscribed to a product or service or a website mostly because they were persuaded to do so. People are influenced by what they see, what they read and what they hear, that is why a law firm advertising technique must include the testimonials from people who have benefited from the law firms legal services. Such testimonials are strong persuasive tools to generate more potential clients.

Four major factors are mostly responsible for the influence or persuasion of potential clients to a practice those factors are; Scarcity, Reciprocity, Liking and Proofs. Scarcity is a law firm advertising factor that can quickly persuade a potential client into subscribing for a legal services from a lawyer. When a service is scarce, people who look for ways by which they can get such a service at all cost. A firm that offer special unique service will tend to have more clients. Do not just be a " jack of all trade" create a scarce and unique legal services for your clients and you will see them running after you.

Reciprocity as a form of lawyer advertising is just a way of offering some free services to your clients. This is a calculated sales gimmick and your sales margin will go up especially when you offer some free legal services and that include some legal advices as well as a free access to some legal resources in your practice. People will always reciprocate when you offer them free offers. Social proof is one of the most powerful law firm advertising tools you can use to win potential clients to your side. This involves the law firm website having some testimonials as well as proof of what they claim they can do for their clients. Proofs will persuade your potential clients of you capability to handle similar cases. Proofs will generate a natural liking for your services.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vallejo Family Law Firms -- Making Divorce Cost Effective

Everyone has horror stories about the Vallejo divorce process. People say that it takes years. People talk about spending huge and unexpected amounts of money on Vallejo family law firms. You hear about many instances where the divorce has harmed relationships with children, family, and friends. Many find that child support payments cause them to live as frugally as students until their children's emancipation. Post-divorce problems can linger for years, even for a lifetime.

In a mediated divorce, the two divorcing parties meet with one mediator (usually, but not necessarily a service offered by Vallejo family law firms). You meet with a Vallejo family law firm a number of times. The Vallejo family law firm will to address and try to resolve the issues in your divorce. Vallejo family law firms hired in this capacity do not represent either of the parties. The Vallejo family law firms must be (and must be viewed by the parties as) an impartial, objective, fair third-party.

A mediated divorce (using advocate lawyers at relevant points) is the Camry of divorces. It's solid, safe for the most part, and it can do almost everything you want. But the collaborative divorce is like a Prius. It has the most advanced resources at its disposal. It's groundbreaking, and it can turn a sometimes dirty process into something that is a lot better for the environment.

The premise of collaborative divorce is to resolve the divorce though a series of meetings between the clients and their respective Vallejo family law firms. These four-way meetings, are actually what the courts require litigants to do prior to the trial in a litigated divorce.

So.., the main difference is that instead of you, your spouse and a Vallejo family law firm, you have you, your spouse and two Vallejo family law firms - one for each of you. The benefits of collaborative law are great. Better, more workable, and longer-lasting solutions are generated. Relationships with family are preserved. It is generally not more expensive than mediated divorces (with the advocate attorneys' critical involvement.) It is generally much less expensive than litigated divorces.

I hope your brain isn't spinning too much at this point. But here's it in a nutshell, you can

- mediate

- have a collaborative divorce

- create a separation agreement.

- duke it our in court.

The first three are usually the best.

Before filing your dissolution, contact multiple Vallejo family law firms - or better yet, fill in our contact form and let us give you a list of the best Vallejo family law firms for your particular case. Divorce is quite emotional but, the court sees it strictly as a legal matter. The law is designed to be fair, and that's all Vallejo family law firms are trying to do. Help you create a fair settlement.

It might be worthwhile to consult with our Vallejo family law firms. Fill out our contact form and let us help you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Law Firm Billing Software

There was a time when law firms and attorneys used to manually calculate the total billable hours and other aspects related to client projects. There are several firms that still do it manually but the good news is that now you or your firm can use billing software created specifically to handle billing by law firms. Isn't that great news?

The truth is that a law firm billing software can provide law firms across the world with time as well as billing capabilities. Whether it is for attorneys working in a small law firm or clients in medium to large law firms, a billing software can take care of most of the billing information, details, and update. The modern day software has robust features that help it to perform at high efficiency levels and thus streamline all client billing activities.

The key to a law firm's profitability is tracking as well as managing time and expenses and this is exactly what a law firm billing software has been created to do. This is a software that will provide state-of-the art technology and solution both online and offline. Most of the top companies who are marketing their software also offer customer service or technical help in case you are unable to use the software properly. The different functionalities and benefits of a law firm billing software include:

1. It is a great solution for lawyers as it offers multiple functionalities
2. The law firm billing software offers narrative replacement codes that can help you to quickly enter any frequently used descriptions
3. These software's have multiple timers that have the ability to concurrently manage time
4. It conflicts management in order to search for related parties with ease
5. You can take advantage of the Trust Accounts in case you need to manage any third party account
6. Most of the activities of the law firm billing software are coded with Uniform Task-Based Management System
7. The file format used is Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard or LEDES 98
8. You will be able to maximize profitability due to high quality time tracking
9. It will initiate the process of quicker bill presentment and thus improve overall cash flow
10. Using the software you will be able to reduce any kind of billing disputes you're your clients or customers and will also be able to get immediate approval for your billable tasks
11. Using the billing system of the tracking software you can create a practice dashboard where you will be able to see the financial pulse of your actual business
12. Using the law firm billing software will enable your clients to make faster payment through credit cards
13. The law firm billing software will help you to keep track of total time as well as expenses offline and for this you will need to install a desktop application. The best thing is that the software is easy to use and you will get technical help from the company marketing the product.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Perks of a Federal Way Attorney

Federal Way is frequently advertised as a great place to live in, and rightly so. This Washington city has a continuously growing economy, great apartments, plenty of recreational opportunities, and, best of all, an environment conducive to business.

Federal Way also opens doors to both green and veteran law practitioners. If you are one yourself and you live somewhere in the Washington state, we highly encourage you to try your luck in that city and become a Federal Way attorney. Why in Federal Way and not anywhere else? Well, here are the reasons why you should move in there and practice your profession.

1. Get the opportunity to join established law firms.

Federal Way has some old law firms - some having existed for decades - and we don't mean any negative connotation with that. Old would usually mean well-established, has resilient business practices and has the loyalty of a number of customers. You may want to join their ranks as a Federal Way attorney and the ins and outs of legal proceedings in Federal Way, as well as increase your existing knowledge of your profession. Also, as many of these firms already has a solid reputation, you'll have the opportunity of carrying over their repute should you move on to find a better legal job elsewhere.

2. Gain experience in various litigation processes.

As mentioned in the previous item, finding a job in well-established legal firms in Federal Way will net you plenty of experience. How so, then? For one, despite Federal Way's reputation as a good place to settle down in, crime rate in the city is higher than over 89% of all communities in the US. The area around the Pacific Highway and 336th St. intersection in particular is rather unsafe. This gives way to various criminal cases, some of which you may be able to take part in. In addition, given the fact that various real estate and commercial businesses exist and are founded in the city, there's always bound to be various relevant legal proceedings, ranging from settling property disputes to peaceful hearings that are essential to the foundation of a business.

3. Enjoy living in Federal Way.

Being a Federal Way attorney would mean being present 24/7 in the city such that you'll be readily available when the opportunity of taking part in a litigation or advise in legal matters comes knocking. Now living in Federal Way is where the perk of enjoyment comes in. The city hosts a variety of public recreational facilities like the Steel Lake Park and the Five Mile Lake. In addition, amenities like shops are virtually within reach from anywhere within Federal Way.

In conclusion, being a Federal Way attorney has its own perks. Not only can one find the opportunity to be employed in the city's reputable law firms and gain the necessary experience, but also enjoy what the Federal Way can offer and see this city in its full urban spectrum.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Law Firm Internet Marketing

The internet is the most powerful, most robust, most targeted advertising medium ever devised. The reason is that consumers are turning to "inbound marketing" - meaning they actively seek out products and services and research them online rather than rely on older "outbound marketing" messages to sway them. Thus, "inbound marketing" has tremendous potential and application for law firms and law practices looking to get the attention of prospective clients online.

Fewer and fewer Americans are turning to things like the hard copy phone book to find products and services. Instead they begin on Google with a keyword phrase, like "Boston injury lawyer" hence, they are "inbound" to your website.

As more and more law firms turn to the medium, it is time to ask yourself what is your law practice doing to advertise itself online? The great thing about online marketing is that start up costs are very low and the learning curve can easily be mastered. Just remember, utilzing search engine marketing it is possible within a very short amount of time to achieve practically full coverage for your targeted niches.

Thus, for example, if you are trying to achieve max visibility for the phrase "Boston injury lawyer" on Google, you'll need to gauge how well your current website is optimized for this phrase. Visit Google, MSN, and Yahoo and search for the targeted phrase. Is your website visible in the top 100 results for any of these search engines? If this phrase is critical to your business and your not turning up in the top 100, chances are you have yet to attempt any on-site optimization of your web assets.

Easy fixes like title tags, meta data, and internal link anchor text can help catapult your site higher in the rankings. Are they all optimized for your keywords? If the easy fixes fail to help you may need the help of a search engine optimization expert. They will be able to tell you about additional minor changes you can make to your website that will help make your site return higher in the search engine results.

In addition, you will need to actively begin building links to your website. Links are the "fuel" that drive search engine results - at the most simplistic level, the more links you have from relevant websites the higher your site will be returned in the search results for your targeted keywords. As on-page changes are introduced and links built, your site will begin rising in the search engine results garnering more and more traffic along the way.

Another main component of any law firms internet marketing strategy should be to buy pay per click (PPC) advertising from one of the major providers. Currently, these providers are Google, Yahoo and MSN. As an example, Google displays PPC ads under the "Sponsored Links" headline along the right hand margin (and sometimes the top) of the search results for any given search. Using the Google AdWords program, advertisers are able to bid for placement on a keyword by keyword basis amongst these sponsored links. Each time a browser clicks through to one of these links the advertiser pays for the click based largely upon the amount of their bid. The Google program gives any advertiser absolute control over daily budget and in which geographic region the ad will be displayed in. Thus, your law firm will have total control over the cost and scope of the PPC campaign.

Clearly, law firms, solo practice attorneys and other law practices can achieve maximum exposure using SEO and PPC. If implemented correctly these two methods will begin to drive a steady stream of potential client leads to your website.