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Thoughts On Solutions For Lawyer Guide

They hover around at law school all three years, because, well, those materials will help you while you are using the classes in the first place.  From my personal experience with a high ranking tier 2 law school those "BIGLAW" opportunities were agreed to, at best, 10% of the class.  I am not planning to say that each time someone raises their hand that they're merely attempting to learn.  (Just joking - really, don't utilize these as cramming tools, because chances are they'll don't have the exact law your professor has taught, and they only provide common law. Between Oregon, California, and Hawaii, I wasn't permitted to transfer scores from one jurisdiction to an alternative.  
At abdominal muscles top schools, nearly all student is guaranteed a considerable job so on the course of your career the cost will more than likely are actually worth it.  If I'd known then what it was going to become like, I might not have access to gone, but I'm glad I did.  It's essential that you take a look at law school as not only instruction, but an incredibly expensive investment in your future.  Finally, 90 days when you graduate you will sit for the bar exam, of course, if you fail the bar exam you'll have to wait 6 months to retake it.  Trying to generate friends in the second week after all people have already grouped up may prove to become a waste of time.  For me, it absolutely was prestige, salary, excitement and escape.  
I personally placed on around 30 BIGLAW firms and got call backs from around 10 of them.  No, I'm not talking about measly expenses, or housing expenses, or even tuition related fees.  The 'Best Quality of Life' category's top ranking was earned by University of Virginia.  Your friends should understand your commitment.  Don't let as being a single parent stop you from your ideal of instruction.  
Inevitably, I got lost in the process, and learned an incredibly expensive lesson.  SUBSCRIBE: To keep current on similar articles, observe the suggested links below and click on the free, subscribe link with the top of this article.  Re-reading is oftentimes tough to find out, especially if you didn't view the case the 1st time.  Finding your passion at the start of law school is quite difficult.  IRAC), review past exams and ask questions if you are unsure about the substantive material.  

The History of Ozone Therapy

There are very few people outside of the medical community who have heard of ozone therapy with the exception of those who have had to undergo this process in their treatment. The fact is that this therapy has been around since the nineteenth century and has been employed in many different ways since then. The first time it was utilized was as a method for sterilizing surgical rooms and the equipment that would be used to operate on patients. It was also used to disinfect drinking water to get rid of germs, bacteria and other health issues associated with water treatments.

It was also used to treat tuberculosis as well as some inner ear infections that caused deafness with limited success. The First World War was when ozone therapy made huge leaps because of the ability to kill bacteria and was used to treat wounds that soldiers received during combat. The physicians that opted for this treatment realized that not only did the treatment help keep the wound sterile, but it also helped to keep the wound from swelling and losing oxygen which is needed to for a wound to heal properly.

There is some controversy regarding this type of treatment however as some assert that this therapy is not tested enough nor has it offered genuine medical benefits above being used as a sterilization technique. Some states in the United States have banned the use of them with Florida being the most vocal about the prohibition of its use. When this therapy is used on mammals other than human test subjects, there have been issues with the treatments that make it difficult for some to realize the benefits to humans.

Many other countries allow full use of ozone therapy and have full clinics dedicated to its practice while still requiring them to maintain and use them according to each governing body's rule. The main issue is that the intravenous use can be dangerous and does hold some side effects. Proponents for the treatments claim that the benefits outweigh the side effects and rely on their own studies to prove out this point.

While controversial, it is common knowledge among those in the industry that ozone therapy can have its benefits. It is a great way to sterilize large areas and equipment for surgical use and can definitely decontaminate water. There is still more study that needs to be done to determine how harmful the therapy is on the human body.

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How to Start a Law Firm - How to Keep Moving Forward With Your Business Plan

Starting a law firm isn't for everyone. Unless you are fully committed to your firm, you won't be successful. But even if you are 100% invested in your business plan, it is easy to get sidetracked.

1) Make a "To Do List."

One characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is their obsession with lists. Sure there are successful people who do not use lists as a tool, but they are few and far between. Lists serve two purposes: they allow us to write down our thoughts as they are formulated, and they organize our thoughts into priorities. I use multiple lists, one for my "lawyer" work, another for my "business" tasks, and still another for my personal life. Each evening before I call it a day, I make up a to do list for the next day. Then, each morning, I refine my list and prioritize each item.

2) Refer to Your Business Plan.

Once you have finished your business plan, refer to it often. Additionally, calendar all the action points contained in your plan, so that you have deadlines for getting things done. Finally, refine your plan regularly, because starting a law firm is not a concrete process. It is fluid, so you will want to revise your plan at least monthly to reflect the direction in which you are headed. This also gets you to look at what you have done and what you need to do.

3) But Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.

Details are the cornerstone of paralysis by analysis. As attorneys, we are trained to look at every angle of every problem and every angle of every angle. It is difficult to put aside that training as a lawyer and substitute the thinking of an entrepreneur. But that is one of the hats you are wearing. It is important to be thorough and informed, but at some point you need to make a decision and move on.

4) Dress for Success.

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you are at work. An easy way to give yourself a constant reminder is to dress as though you were going to court, even if you don't plan to see any clients or anyone else that day.

5) Tell Everyone.

It's easy to get things done when there are other people watching you. The more people that know you are starting a law firm, the more people you will have to answer to if you don't succeed. This is almost artificial accountability, but the fear of embarrassment definitely works.

6) Enjoy the Process.

Most of all, enjoy the process. It's an exciting time for you and for your career. Yes, starting a law firm is scary, and there will be days when you will be sure you are failing. But trust me, you can do it, and the pride that comes with building a business from scratch will all be worth it in the end.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Auto Accident Law Firm Can Help You And Your Car

There are a few hard and fast rules to follow if you have been in a vehicle collision, and one of the most important of these involves contacting an auto accident law firm. First, you need to take care of yourself and anyone else who is injured. Even though your medical needs maybe part of a later compensation settlement, your safety is first and foremost. Do not put yourself or others at risk of further injury by attempting to delay treatment in order to document the evidence. Get treatment immediately and ensure that you do not aggravate any existing damage.

If you do not have any serious injuries in need of emergency care, call your doctor, and then call your insurance company and your chosen auto accident law firm, and hold to the first rule of insurance etiquette: never talk to your insurance company without a lawyer present. It is the job of the insurance company to save themselves money, and it is easier for them to do so without the influence of a trained attorney. Although the proceedings may seem straightforward, it is vitally important to have someone with a sound knowledge of the complex rules and statutes that govern this area of the law, particularly in cases that involve out-of-state drivers or accidents.

Do not take any settlement offers from the insurance company. If you take any money or agreements from them, you are essentially saying that you agree to the amount that they are dictating. You will not be able to add damages or claims at a later time. An interesting tactic that firms use to save themselves money is to offer to total and buy out your car. Once this transaction has been made, the insurance company owns your vehicle, and they do not have to turn it over for investigation either by the police or by the law firm. Although you end up with a new car, this action protects the insurance company; it does not protect you. If there is any outside liability for your damages or injuries, or if the insurance will pay for something that you are not aware of, you have no recourse to demand compensation, as you have already accepted it in the form of this replacement car.

You should also be protective of your medical records. It sounds legitimate that if you have been injured in a car accident that the insurance company would need to obtain your medical records, but this could be a tactic they use to try to prove pre-existing conditions. In short, do not release any information, including paper work, your vehicle itself, accident reports, or medical records to anyone without the approval of your lawyer. Better yet, do not handle any of the exchange of information yourself. A secure document server can help protect your privacy and your case from underhanded attempts to discredit your injuries.

Always rely on your accident law firm attorney to speak on your behalf in order to reach the proper compensation agreement.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of those diseases which have been incurable since ages but now this chronic disease is curable. In case your child is a prey to this disease then stem cell therapy is there for your child's help. It is really heart breaking to see a child unable to walk, unable to move like ordinary children, even in some cases unable to talk or eat due to disorder known as cerebral palsy. Since the introduction of this technique, parents are now saving their offspring's umbilical cord at the time of the birth so that it can be used in future for the treatment.

But it is not the practice around the world and this facility is not available in all the countries. This is the reason why parents have to travel to the countries where this treatment is available to get their child treated.

Every one of us knows that cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies. Stem cells are also in us form the birth. These cells have two characteristics on the basis of which they can be differentiated form other types of cells:

• These cells can renew themselves by growing into different types of new cells
• They are able to copy themselves on continuous basis

Usually, cells for this therapy are extracted from newborns after birth. Adult stem cells are used of research but embryonic stem cells are considered to be more potent. It is due to this reason that parents are now saving umbilical cord stem cells for future use. In case you are a parent of child suffering from Cerebral Palsy and you have not saved the embryonic cells then you will have to look for a donor for the treatment form the donor banks.

Under this therapy, these cells are injected into the area or organ where healing is required. Once these cells are being injected, they start adapting with the surrounding and start their work. Let us see how they help a person in getting curing form the disease. When these cells are implanted, they disperse into the adjacent tissues and become smooth. Afterwards, these cells differentiate them into the required cell types and integrate with those cells or organ. Growth factors are then secreted form these cells to attract the blood vessels to facilitate them in tissue formation. In this way new cells and tissues are formed and they replace the damaged or ill tissues and cells. As formation of new cells starts taking place, the child feels being healthy and thus he starts to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. This treatment helps in curing children from the Cerebral Palsy without any kind of operation or surgery. Although it has many benefits but at the same time as this treatment is not available all around the world, it can be little expensive and every one may not be financially strong enough to make medical tours to the desired countries.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Bankruptcy Law Firm Can End Burdensome Debt Issues

Just as quickly as money can be gained it can also be lost. This cold and honest fact of life is what many people realize everyday. There are so many Americans deep in debt and facing harsh financial situations. Some of them may be so tough that they can't see a way out. Believe it or not there is a solution. A bankruptcy law firm can help any client who is facing insolvency issues today. A skilled and experienced attorney will explain all the client's best options and come up with strategies that will eventually help the client to become debt free.

When facing economic failure, a person may be at risk of having to sell some cherished property just to pay back moneys that are due. For some, these belongings are exempt and get to be kept. This is called liquidation. This category of insolvency is called Chapter 7. Then there is Chapter 13. With this chapter, individuals have the opportunity to pay back their debts within a certain time frame. Most people who file for this chapter have regular income coming in. These people must set up a specific payment plan for their debts. The amount paid back at a time is determined by factors such as how far in debt the person is, or how much income is made.

So where does an attorney come in with all of this? It can be tough to get through debt issues alone. A good lawyer will fully explain to the client his or her options. Professionals at a bankruptcy law firm can assess the situation clearly and determine which chapter to file for as well as the best next step. For example, those who file for chapter 7 may not know their true exemptions unless someone explains them. This can prevent the client from selling prized items that don't have to be sold.

Being deep in debt can be a scary experience. Not only are funds already running low, but bill collectors are constantly calling and leaving threatening messages. This can lead to unneeded stress in one's life. But there is a way to defeat the constant pestering. A bankruptcy law firm can offer all the advice to put clients at ease and give them peace of mind. Everyone makes financial mistakes. But the results should not affect a person for the rest of his or her life.

There is a way to get past debt, no matter how deep it may be. Without the right help, it can be tougher than it needs to be. An attorney at a bankruptcy law firm can give tips that will not only help a person out of the situation, but help to avoid it in the future as well. Starting backup funds can be a good solution so that debts can be paid off even while running low on income. Another definite solution is budgeting and spending money as wisely as possible. This can prevent unwanted financial crises from happening. But no matter what occurs, there is help available in a skilled lawyer.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Law Firms Benefit From The Use of QR Codes

According to a 2011 Forrester Research study, more than 15 percent of U.S. smartphone users now use 2D bar code software readers to scan QR (Quick Response) codes, two dimensional bar codes that can be read by cameras on smartphones. The codes provide instructions to guide the mobile browser to a specific URL or video server.The use of QR codes jumped by 10 percent in just one year. American consumers are scanning product QR codes on food packaging to learn more about the product's nutritional value, at the cash register to make mobile payments for their favorite coffees and on electronic gadgets to search and compare the best nearby deals.

As smartphone usage continues to grow, so will the use of QR code technology. For businesses, lawyers and law firmsin particular, the use of QR codes invigorates static promotional materials and signage branding. But the platform is only efficient if the businesses implementing them adhere to best practices such as:


If used at a physical location, such as a place of business, conference event or meeting, ensure that the area is well lit and has robust Internet connectivity.


Use software vendors with broadest reach for the development of codes and ensure their finished products support all major mobile operating systems. Test and retest.


Make sure the QR code links to mobile-optimized contextual material. Nothing is worse than to try to navigate a regular website on a mobile screen.

Call to Action

Be strategic about where you want the user to link to via your QR code. The landing page experience is crucial to your effectiveness. Use easy to click phone number links to generate immediate leads or event RSVPs.

Many law firms have begun leveraging the use of QR codes and 2012 is poised to see a dramatic increase in its use by law practicesof all types and sizes. There are many benefits mainly centered on generating awareness and establishing credentials, not to mention the positive environmental impact by reducing the amount of printed promotional material needed.

Here are 10 practical tips on how a law practicecan benefit from the use of QR codes:

  1. Streamline the information on business cards with QR codes that electronically transfer contact information and your firm's website address. That ensures prospects will have your information readily available on their smartphones without having to search for a physical card.

  2. Avoid too much text on your institutional type advertisements by placing a QR code on the creative material which links to a more customized business development landing site.

  3. Leverage event invitations with QR codes that provide corporate social responsibility background information about your firm's involvement in the community. Or these can link to video or photo sites of the prior year's event. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Place on new business development pitch materials linking to videos of key attorneys addressing specific law practices and thought leadership areas.

  5. Use on capabilities presentations to link each practice area to the firm's legal directory of attorneysor digital materials including, for example, a video executive summary.

  6. Place on a one-sheet recruitment document to link to your firm's diversity commitment newsletter highlighting the efforts of diverse attorney profiles in various offices and markets.

  7. Post on your firm's LinkedIn discussion group as a link to the firm's news portal.

  8. Place within each of the practices highlighted on your website to link to specific attorney presentation videos on your firm's YouTube channel.

  9. Use on conference lanyards when you sponsor an event, participate in a panel or have profile information published in a conference delegate packet.

  10. Use in all law firm directories and attorney rankings lists to drive readers to newly-launched and niche practice areas on your site.

The success of using QR codes will also depend on two additional factors: the accuracy of the code itself, and the user experience once a code has been scanned and followed.

Use the many free and paid-for online services to generate the QR codes but test and retest before you place anywhere. The worst thing you can do is generate a code that is unreadable. Do some research and use a reputable tool or design agency that has experience with QR codes.

The other key point is that the QR code should always drive the user to a mobile optimized website. The mobile user's interaction online from their smartphones is a completely different experience than on a desktop or laptop.

Set up your QR codes, track their effectiveness by using free online analytical tools. You'll be able to tell which codes are generating more inbound interest and adjust your placements as necessary.

You'll also be able to monitor the effectiveness of the different tools you use in your overall new business development campaigns. And even compare the lead generating performance among trade mediums and local business community outlets.

If you haven't started to incorporate QR codes in your law firm marketing efforts, you should evaluate the many benefits and develop a plan to begin leveraging soon.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cold Laser Therapy Can Do The Trick

Several ailments send us to the chiropractor--everything from back pain to arthritis to a muscle strain. Alignments can cure some issues, while others are not affected by alignments. What some people need is more extensive therapy to cure the bigger issue.

In recent years, therapy by lasers has grown and technology has evolved. Doctors and chiropractors alike are integrating lasers more into treatment because they prove to be effective and instantaneous. In the chiropractic world, cold laser therapy has taken off because it provides non-invasive treatment to a multitude of issues.

Since it has gained so much popularity among chiropractors, it's important to note what exactly it does for patients. Cold laser therapy targets dead or irritated cells within the body. These cells may be located in muscles, bones, tissues, or ligaments. In each of these areas, cells need to be revived so the body can become healthy again. Lasers enter the body through light wavelengths, which provide energy for the cells. Once cells are targeted and light penetrates cells, they become energized and are now able to return to a healthy state.

So, is it a quick, one time fix? No, therapies are never a quick fix. To get the most from a therapy, you need to have several treatments for the therapy to help the body regain strength and return to a healthy state. Some may require more treatments than others, but it depends on the severity of the issue. Cold laser therapy will prove effective over time, so make sure you provide the necessary time to receive treatment.

The benefit of cold laser therapy is that it's proven to heal damaged parts of the body. Not only does it heal the body, but it doesn't require any intensive recovery that surgery would. Patients can come get their treatment, improve over time and maintain their lives. It's not invasive and it doesn't take away from the patient. It only provides the health they need.

Surgery costs can also skyrocket to high prices, which no one is ready to pay. The difference with cold laser therapy is that it's affordable, which is a great alternative to surgery. Also, you can check with your insurance provider to see if they can cover any of the costs. Even if they don't cover all of the costs, they might cover a few, which will keep you from paying more than you should.

It's time to discover the relief and health cold laser therapy can bring.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mesothelioma Law Firm

There are very many mesothelioma law firms around and the main reason why they specialize in these particular cases is the huge return the cases can fetch. Others might be genuinely out there for the compassion of mesothelioma victims but, they are limited. Firstly though, mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the protective lining of the heart, lungs and abdomen. The known cause of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. This is a natural mineral that has very many industrial uses mainly because of its heat and fire resistant qualities. It is known to lodge in the system when inhaled where it can stay there for many years where finally it causes the emergence of a disease. It has no scent and its fibers in the air are microscopic. Therefore mesothelioma law firms are relevant in the following way.

Firstly, the companies that employ workers to work exposed to asbestos have a case to answer because they have a moral duty to inform workers. They are therefore directly responsible for the illness in their worker. When a mesothelioma victim decides to file a suit against the company, they need to have the representation of good lawyers who can be found in a good mesothelioma law firm. Some of the workers who might be at risk to asbestos exposure include miners, millers, shipyard workers, building construction workers and others. With the serious realization of the dangers posed by asbestos, strict legislation have been put in place to ban certain types of asbestos and also there are restrictions on the amount of asbestos exposed to workers.

Also, workers who are close to asbestos have protective cloths and equipment to protect then from the substance. When they leave work, most workers take a shower and change cloths to avoid contaminating their families. When you suspect that you might be suffering from mesothelioma, you need to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. If you have the disease, you need to take time and look for a reputable mesothelioma law firm which will have good lawyers. They should have some experience in this kinds of cases. They should not live very far from where you are located so that you can reach them with minimal cost. The mesothelioma law firm should be legal and licensed to practice law in your particular state or country. They should give you more information on the cases they have been able to resolve.

On the internet, you will find very many mesothelioma law firms advertising themselves and you should not just take them at face value. You need to contact them and visit their offices to get a first hand feel of what they are all about. Many firms will be literally fighting for your case and you do not have to hire the ones who are first make a perfect pitch. Firstly, you need to know that they can represent you and win the case. You should discuss on the attorney fee before you hire the lawyer from the law firms. Usually, the most common way of payment is through a contingency basis and this means that they will be paid when you win the case. There is no doubt that with the right lawyers on your side, you are certain to get your deserved justice will be served.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What Is Lawyer PPC Advertising?

What is Pay Per Click advertising? You hear a lot of talk about Google AdWords and Google taking over the world and many lawyers still don't understand what Pay-Per-Click advertising is. Well, it's how Google got started and it's really how Google is making almost all their money these days despite of all the other ventures they've gotten into. So to put it as simply as possible, when you go online to search for something, at the very top of the search results and on the right you see the results labeled Ads. Google is not the only one that offers this type of advertising, a lot of search engines do, for example, Yahoo! and Bing offer these Ads. You can find these Ads on Facebook and on LinkedIn as well.

When someone clicks an Ad the advertising lawyer gets charged a certain amount of money based on a formula that the search engine provider uses. Although, the advertiser gets charged, the person who clicks on the Ads does not. But, because the advertiser gets charged per click, it's called Pay Per Click advertising.

So the question is, "Should you use Pay Per Click advertising as a part of your marketing mix?" Well, that depends what kind of law firm you have and what kind of business you are trying to generate. If you have a firm that generates a lot of business through referral activity, and you are perfectly happy with all the clients you are getting, you may not want to do Pay Per Click advertising. If your firm has been relying on Yellow Pages to generate business, I am probably not going out on a limb very far to say that your business is likely suffering,

So one possible replacement for Yellow Pages advertising is Pay Per Click advertising. You could obviously choose a number of different marketing mixes, but the beauty of Pay Per Click advertising is you can track, down to the keyword and click, exactly how much it's costing you per client, per lead, per click, or whatever you desire. You can target the geographical areas you want your Ads to show in, who you want to see your Ads and how much you are willing to pay to per click. So it evens the playing field, as it doesn't matter whether you're a small firm or a large firm, you've got the same shot at running a successful advertising campaign.

What about the Organic Results or the Natural Results in Google and other search engines? Some people say that your sole focus should be on trying to get on the first page of Google organically, because the Ads and clicks are free. Well, they're free in the sense that you don't pay per click, but they're not free in the sense that it takes a lot of labor - yours or the company who you pay to do it for you - to keep your firm on the first page. For example, somebody has to write and submit articles, optimize your pages, submit blog articles, do video submissions, create back links and whatever else you're using to keep you at the top of the page.

Google is constantly monitoring your website's activity. And if your competitors are optimizing their sites at the same rate as you, and you stop, you will likely fall down below them in the results. So its constant activity and Google can change their algorithm at any time (which is what they use to determine who's going to be on the first page or not.)

That's not to say that you shouldn't try to optimize your organic results, it's just to say that if you're relying on one thing to the exclusion of a number of different channels to generate cases, that puts your firm at risk. My recommendation would be to do both. Your firm invests some work and money into your Search Engine Optimization campaign and you have some money invested in your paid advertising campaign or your law firm Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

The other benefit of this is that your firm's Ads or your website will appear on the search results page in more than one place. If you combine PPC Ads and Organic listings with a Google places listing and maybe an article or video, you could literally be listed all over the results page for important keywords and look like the 800 pound gorilla to somebody who has reached that page after searching for key words that relate to your law firm. This will most likely leave a very favorable impression on them and you are more likely to get clicked on. And that, of course, is the first goal and the reason behind all the effort to get your law firm listed on the first page of Google.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Treatment For HGH Deficiency

These recent years are years of boosting health and beauty treatments. Hormone replacement therapy is one of those treatments. And among the specific hormones that are popularly sought to be replaced in the human body today is the HGH or the human growth hormone.

Basically, human growth hormones are the ones responsible of children's growth. But of course, that is just until the time that they can still grow. Apart from that, HGH is also involved in many other body functions.

This hormone can increase both bone and muscle strength. It can also increase your energy level, reduce your body fats and even increase your sexual power. Not only that, it can also improve your heart, kidney and immune system functions.

Unfortunately, your human growth hormone level decreases as you grow older. At age 60 or 80, your HGH level could well be four of five times less than when you aged 20. With this decrease in number of the growth hormone comes the increase of discomforts brought about by the negative effects of the deficiency.

Included on the list of what you can experience if your HGH level is below normal are decreased energy level and increased body fat. It can also cause the weakening of your bones and muscles. At some point it may also bring you sleeping problems, anxiety and fatigue.

At this point, hormone replacement therapy comes in to the picture. By replacing the lost or unproduced growth hormone, its level is set back to normal. This allows the hormone to perform efficiently its set of body functions apart from the growth function.

HGH deficiency can also happen at birth. It can either be caused by mutated genes or by a damaged pituitary gland. Either way, this can result to an abnormal growth rate, short stature and delayed puberty of children. These effects can extend into adulthood and this is probably the reason why HGH treatment was initially allowed only for those children with growth problems.

Recently however, the importance of HGH to improve health had caught the attention of many. But then, if you are unable to provide proof that your purpose of injecting HGH into your body is purely of health or medical reasons, then you will sure be prohibited to take the treatment. In a way, this ensures the safety of the patient which gives you enough reason to consult a physician first before administering the HGH replacement.

If you think that you really need hormone replacement therapy, take note of this: HGH is not for everybody. Though it can help you overcome some of the effects of aging, it is possible that it may not be safe for you to take the treatment due to some medical considerations. That is why it is very vital that you really seek the aide of an experienced and competitive physician to make sure that it could produce help and not risks on your health.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Law Firm SEO Snake Oil - Help Us - Help Your Competition!

Let's say you're a Chicago personal injury lawyer. Your firm hires Big Time Web Consultant to help you "get found" on line. Perhaps they build you a website/blog. They optimize your site/blog for keywords that they tell you are relevant to your practice. For example, "Chicago personal injury lawyer".

They use "Chicago personal injury lawyer" in your title tag (one of the factors Google uses to rank your site).

Then, another Chicago personal injury law firm calls up Big Time Web Consultant. Big Time Web Consultant sells them a website/blog. They optimize the site/blog for the same keywords.

They use "Chicago personal injury lawyer" in your competitor's title tag!

Now look, I'm not suggesting that mere keyword overlap constitutes a huge conflict of interest. What I am saying, is that by targeting the same title tag keywords, building anchor text links for that keyword, and focusing the majority of their SEO efforts on competing keywords, they are creating a problem for you.

I mean, you wouldn't represent the same party on two sides of a lawsuit, would you?

I imagine, if you're the highest bidder, they will "help" you the most. This just doesn't seem that fair. The problem is, most law firms don't have any idea that this is going on.

Unfortunately, this situation is more of the rule, than the exception. I can think of at least 3 major law firm web providers that use this "bidding war" approach. Further, and I'm just guessing here, I would say that these three players represent over 80% of the law firms on line (and that's conservative).

Find a lawyer Internet marketing company that has some form of "exclusive partnership" or "non-compete" agreement.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Techniques Of Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain cancer is a very difficult cancer. It is typically hard to detect and not usually found until some form of motor skills are affected. These tumors have the capacity to grow fast and spread in an aggressive manner, which is known as metastasis. They grow out of control and push out normal healthy cells with devastating effects. Brain tumors are difficult mainly because of the brain tissue they are around. Other types of cancer are much more easily removed and can be accessed much easier than going through your skull and operating around your brain tissue (which can be easily damaged from the procedure). Data shows that the incidence of brain cancer due to metastasis is around 25% of all brain cancers.

Certain symptoms could be indicative of brain cancer. They are chronic headaches, weakness, difficulty in walking, seizures, clumsiness in actions, reduced memory or concentration, nausea and vomiting, vision defects, speech difficulty and other motor skill difficulties. Brain cancer treatment is typically individual-specific. The physician would take into consider the age and general health condition of the patient, along with the size, type and location of the tumor. Brain cancer treatment involves consultation with several specialists like neurosurgeons, oncologists, radiologists, dieticians, and physiotherapists, apart from the primary physician.

Brain cancer treatment is normally done by surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of these three methods. A benign tumor could safely be removed by surgery. A modern method of surgery, which is a knifeless technology, is training of high-energy radiation from different angles on the tumor. The recovery time is much shorter in this 'gamma knife' surgery. However, before the surgery is done, the doctor might prescribe a steroid medication to relieve swelling or an anticonvulsant drug to prevent or reduce seizures.

Radiation therapy could be of two types, external and internal. In external therapy, the brain tumor is targeted with high-energy radiation beams. This treatment is given for a few minutes for 5 days a week and for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the size and type of tumor. Internal radiation is done by implanting a small radioactive capsule inside the tumor. This treatment might take several weeks and would require hospitalization for that period.

Chemotherapy is the administration of a powerful drug or a combination of such drugs to kill tumor cells. Chemotherapy is normally done in 2 to 4 cycles of treatment, each cycle consisting of a short period of intense medication with enough rest and recovery period after that. However, chemotherapy is not suitable for most brain cancer patients, because very few chemotherapies cross the blood brain barrier so it is useless to give them, and the stronger the medications the more side effects that will cause other consequences and effects on the body. .

Even after undergoing brain cancer treatment, regular follow-up tests and checkups are needed to make sure that there is no recurrence of brain cancer. The physician would also watch the long-term effect of the treatment for corrective action, if needed. The success rate is typically less than 10%.