Saturday, June 22, 2013

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of those diseases which have been incurable since ages but now this chronic disease is curable. In case your child is a prey to this disease then stem cell therapy is there for your child's help. It is really heart breaking to see a child unable to walk, unable to move like ordinary children, even in some cases unable to talk or eat due to disorder known as cerebral palsy. Since the introduction of this technique, parents are now saving their offspring's umbilical cord at the time of the birth so that it can be used in future for the treatment.

But it is not the practice around the world and this facility is not available in all the countries. This is the reason why parents have to travel to the countries where this treatment is available to get their child treated.

Every one of us knows that cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies. Stem cells are also in us form the birth. These cells have two characteristics on the basis of which they can be differentiated form other types of cells:

• These cells can renew themselves by growing into different types of new cells
• They are able to copy themselves on continuous basis

Usually, cells for this therapy are extracted from newborns after birth. Adult stem cells are used of research but embryonic stem cells are considered to be more potent. It is due to this reason that parents are now saving umbilical cord stem cells for future use. In case you are a parent of child suffering from Cerebral Palsy and you have not saved the embryonic cells then you will have to look for a donor for the treatment form the donor banks.

Under this therapy, these cells are injected into the area or organ where healing is required. Once these cells are being injected, they start adapting with the surrounding and start their work. Let us see how they help a person in getting curing form the disease. When these cells are implanted, they disperse into the adjacent tissues and become smooth. Afterwards, these cells differentiate them into the required cell types and integrate with those cells or organ. Growth factors are then secreted form these cells to attract the blood vessels to facilitate them in tissue formation. In this way new cells and tissues are formed and they replace the damaged or ill tissues and cells. As formation of new cells starts taking place, the child feels being healthy and thus he starts to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. This treatment helps in curing children from the Cerebral Palsy without any kind of operation or surgery. Although it has many benefits but at the same time as this treatment is not available all around the world, it can be little expensive and every one may not be financially strong enough to make medical tours to the desired countries.

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