Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Law Firm Web Design Lawyer and Attorney Tips

Law firm websites must serve as a modern business card. Creating a web site for your law firm not only provides a vast amount of information for your current and potential clients, but it also provides crucial contact information. If you have an existing website for your law firm, you may consider undertaking a redesign every so often to keep both appearance and content fresh for your visitors.

The following are a few suggestions that you may consider when creating or redesigning your law firm website.

Create a Practice Area section: Regardless of which type of law you practice having a practice area section is a great idea. This will provide basic information about claims, laws, and what steps a client should take after an incident. Practice Areas also showcase your firm's expertise and knowledge in various areas.

Create a Free Contact Form: A contact form can be incorporated on every page of your website or only on your Contact page. This form allows clients to give you basic information about their situation, their location, and contact information quickly and easily. It also provides an open line of communication as clients can send you information at any time. When contacting these potential clients your firm will already have a basic idea of what the client's situation is and can present the appropriate amount of information right away.

Create a News Section: A News section or Newletter feature will keep existing clients, potential clients, and friends of the firm updated continually about recent wins, changes in staff, or any other news your firm may have. This allows everyone to feel connected and informed, and may even bring return clients after they are reminded of the quality of your firm.

Create Interesting Design Elements: Having an interesting design and elements is extremely important in any website. Interesting designs will keep clients on your website longer, make navigation and other features easier to find, and most of all will give your site a polished, professional, appearance. When discussing design elements you may want to consider colors, creating a new logo, or even the implementation of flash.

Consider a Search Engine Optimization Campaign: Having expert SEO on your website will improve ranking, traffic, and a number of other marketing elements on your website. This is crucial for Minnesota Law Firms due to the high level of competition between law firms. The closer your website is to the top of popular search engines (MSN, Yahoo!, Google) results the more likely potential clients will be to visit your site first. This will greatly improve the chances of your firm being selected from the internet.

A web design company must in all of these areas and has a number of other specialties specifically related with websites for law firms. This includes the ability to provide copy for practice areas, knowledge about design, and past successful marketing campaigns for all types of legal specialties.

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