Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Beat Your Age With Testosterone Treatment

If you're a man, testosterones are what make your world go round. They're the amazing little soldiers in your body that help you feel and look young. They fill you with energy, help you build muscles and keep your memory razor sharp. Heck, they're even responsible for the blood rushing into your head when you see someone attractive!

But, as you march past the age of 25, your testosterone levels drop naturally. By the time you're in your forties, your body is really low on its reserves of testosterone. This is when most men begin to feel the effects - slow metabolism, putting on weight in the middle, lack of libido, loss of memory, wrinkles, mood changes and the loss of vitality. All this is because of dipping levels of testosterone. Imagine what a shot of testosterone can do for your body at this time! That's exactly what testosterone treatment does.

Response to testosterone therapies:

Several studies have shown that subjects generally show good response to testosterone therapies. Some of the benefits you can expect from such a treatment include:

1. Increased energy
2. Improved sex drive
3. Better sleep quality
4. Increased lean body mass
5. Decreased signs of depression
6. Decrease in the risk of heart diseases

The single biggest benefit of testosterone therapy is that it imbues the subject with high levels of energy, which in turn enhances efficiency and improves self-esteem. Improved muscle mass and muscle strength are also experienced. An overall sense of wellness is reported just after 3 to 6 weeks of therapy. But, before you jump into testosterone treatments (there are a dime a dozen these days), it is important to choose your options safely. You see, hormones are powerful little guys and you do not want them messing with your body. Therefore, the kind of hormones you use during therapy is important.

The best testosterone replacement treatment:

There are two kinds of popular testosterone treatments:

1. Taking in testosterone directly (orally, as injections and as topical applications)
2. Taking in a hormone (HCG) which in turn stimulates the body to produce testosterone naturally

Obviously, there are different ways of testosterone delivery but the most effective way depends on the individual. In general, the oral mode of taking in testosterone is associated with a number of undesirable side effects. However, the other forms of delivery are not associated with these side effects. By controlling the levels of testosterone administered precisely, subjects experience 100% success rate. One way of ensuring that the chosen delivery method works for your body is through proper follow ups.

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