Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Understanding The Idea Of Human Rights Around The World

The concept of basic human rights has been acknowledged in some form in all countries around the world. The ideas of peace human rights tolerance and freedom are considered to be universal. Many governments and agencies have acknowledged that these human rights are granted to a person at birth and cannot be taken away by laws, force or coercive actions. Unfortunately, the acknowledgement of these concepts does not always result in a cultural or social situation that protects human rights.

Although Human rights Peace democracy and tolerance might all seem to go together, they do not in the real world. Part of this is because the scope of what people consider to be human rights is different in various parts of the world. Some governments look at human rights as simply the freedom to avoid violence. This has resulted in some oppressive regimes that enforce police states but that do not allow citizens much freedom. Other countries are concerned about human rights for only a select few people. This has caused wars and violent actions to suppress entire populations who demand freedom.

Fortunately, some countries truly believe in human rights peace democracy and tolerance. These countries generally have legal systems in place that allow citizens to affect policies and society by fighting for human rights in a civil forum without violence. Citizens can file legal cases to help expand the rights of people who are being unfairly oppressed, discriminated against or even harmed. Unfortunately, a large number of countries do not have this type of system in place. Human rights are granted or taken away by authoritarian figures who do not listen to the citizens of the nation.

Many organizations around the world fight for peace human rights tolerance and democracy in countries without strong legal systems and freedoms for citizens. These organizations must work within the structure of each country. Fighting for human rights sometimes involves exposing injustices, leading non-violent marches and performing civil disobedience. These organizations have helped to make a difference in the world although change is very slow. The change comes when the rest of the world realizes the lack of human rights and starts to place economic, political and social pressure on the leaders. This can result in a slow turn towards freedom and better human rights.

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