Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Urine Therapy - The Indictment of Medical Orthodoxy

Three months ago, I came across a book titled THE WATER OF LIFE: A Treatise on Urine Therapy by John W. Armstrong. At first sight, I had the impression that the book had to do with the often talked about great healing powers of pure natural water. But soon, as I flipped through the initial pages of the book, I discovered that the subject of the book was not ordinary water but urine, a discovery that reinforced my curiosity to delve further into what the author had to say on the life potency of urine, a substance I had hitherto regarded with disgust as a dirty, poisonous and useless human waste, much on the same level as human excreta.

However, the more I read the book on urine therapy, the more curious and fascinated I became to read more of the author's discourse and 'strange' assertions and submissions until soon, I could no longer get myself to drop the book except to attend to very pressing engagement until I had read the book through.

I was thoroughly intrigued and completely taken aback not only by Armstrong's acclaimed healing power of urine therapy and its proven efficacy in the treatment of countless ailments including many of the so-called chronic and incurable diseases but even more so by his assertions on the impotency of traditional medical practice over these diseases such as cancer, gangrene, kidney failure, etc. What was even more intriguing was the litany of case studies cited by the author to prove urine therapy cure and what more, a long list of eminent orthodox and homeopath doctors who have corroborated the healing power of urine therapy. Just as I was highly excited by the author's expert and convincing analysis of urine by way of its constituents in disproving its completely poisonous or useless nature as claimed by orthodox medical practitioners for ages before now and as most ordinary people, including myself had been made to believe. I also found the author's logic on the healing potency of urine therapy both credible and unassailable based on his analogy of a tree which lives off its fallen or 'dead' leaves among other natural priniples.

The point consistently raised by the author that greatly bothered me was his allusion to a studied effort by medical practitioners to keep secret the healing power of urine therapy for purely personal and selfish purposes of sustaining their lucrative albeit expensive services to people, particularly those with chronic and 'incurable' diseases such as cancer. Even more worrisome was his observation to the effect that the therapies hitherto used by traditional medical practitioners in the cure of such chronic diseases such as radium, sera and vaccines not only have hardly and rarely brought about permanent cure of any 'incurable' disease but are also established 'poisons' with known damages and serious adverse effects to the human body and which most often ended up complicating and worsening the diseases and in fact increasing their potency and recurrence tendency, and all these facts, the author asserts, are well known to orthodox medical practitioners.

One of his quoted references offered me a real food for thought. Quoting Dr. W. H. WHITE, M.R.C.S., I.R.C.P.: Disease...becomes a vested interest, and consciously and unconsciously, the doctors foster it as such. It is quite a common observation that doctors produce disease. Moreover, the whole system and philosophy of our dealing with disease is mistaken."

Yet another bothering revelation made by Armstrong was the million dollar urine business that has been going on in the world besides that of orthodox medical practice, in the form highly expensive drugs and cosmetic formulas produced from urine constituents and sold to the same unwitting public who are made to regard urine with such disgust and rejection.

The orthodox medical practitioners did not merely stop at keeping the urine therapy secret secret all these ages. As the author further pointed out, orthodox medical practitioners having formed themselves into a pressure group association have over the years facilitated several laws in America making it illegal for any person other than a 'doctor' to claim, much less attempt to cure some so so-called special diseases they have dubbed incurable. By so doing, orthodox medical practitioners have not only succeeded in contriving a monopoly of public patronage in such cases but also their exploitative grip on unfortunate victims of such diseases who are made to pay through their nose for ultimately non-effective and more often, compounding treatments which they could have been cured of possibly without paying one dime on self urine therapy.

After reading the book, I came to a personal conviction and conclusion that urine therapy is an incontrovertible reality with unarguable efficacy which I made up my mind to try on myself. And this I did by applying old heated urine compress three times a day on a lump that had been on the left side of my abdomen as long as I could remember, perhaps from birth. The lump reduced to about half its former size after two weeks of application and disappeared completely after the next one week of application! Ever since, I have been drinking urine on routine basis and applying it as body massage based on the guidelines I learnt from John Armstrong and other experts in urine therapy I later searched out on the internet such us Martha Christy and Coen van der Kroon among others with tremendous improvement in my health and skin condition. I have since convinced my mother to join me to cure her overweight which she had since obliged with unbelievable results on her weight and general health condition.

I'd wish every other person out there began to use urine therapy to cure their ailments and regenerate and rejuvenate their body systems without paying a dime to any doctor.

At the end of the day, I am minded to agree that orthodox medical practitioners have been economical with the truth about the healing power of urine therapy, apparently for personal commercial gain at the expense and detriment of suffering and dying humanity. I now have no doubt that urine therapy is God's free gift of nature-cure to humanity in the same way he has provided all other basic things of life free to man including water, air, sunshine, rain, fire, name them, all of which, if it were possible, some learned professionals would have also kept secret from us and make us pay heavily to obtain any of them even in small quantity!

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