Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Understanding When Stroke Treatment is Necessary

If you are at risk for stroke, you should be sure to educate yourself on how to prevent it from happening. If someone you love has had a stroke, then you should know and understand that there are stroke recovery options that can lead to a full recovery in mild to medium cases. Even more severe cases can help a stroke victim to recover to some extent. The recovery time and extent depends on the person as well as the severity of the stroke. It would seem that people with positive outlooks and a determined nature tend to recovery faster and better.

Medications sometimes play some part in the prevention of recurring strokes as well as in the treatment. The most effective treatments, however, involve engaging the brain so it can recover and result in recovery. The averages in recovery are 10 percent recover almost completely, 25 percent retain some impairment, 40 percent wind up needing some special care, 10 percent must live out their remaining days in a long term facility and 15 percent die soon after a severe stroke. There is still much to learn about strokes and the brain, but many advances have been made in the field including more effective stroke treatment solutions.

There are various options for rehabilitation which include a rehabilitation facility, home therapy, outpatient therapy or long term therapy in a long term care facility. The end goal of rehabilitation for stroke patients is to give them back some form of improved function so they can be as independent as possible. It is meant to preserve the patient's dignity while motivating a stroke survivor to do the best they can to regain basic functions and skills that a stroke steals from them like walking, dressing themselves and even eating. Rehab must begin as soon as possible after a stroke. Usually, once a stroke patient is stable and able to leave the hospital, stroke recovery begins.

There is no time to wait to begin a stroke rehabilitation and recovery program. The rehab programs are designed around each individual patient for optimum recovery results. There are many programs available for stroke victims and their families. Support groups can help the patient cope by being around others who have suffered the same fate. Family support groups can help family members better understand the effects of strokes and how to cope with the stroke patient. It can be very frustrating for family members that are taking care of a stroke victim to understand how their loved one has trouble doing certain things that they were doing a matter of days ago or to cope with the fact that they may not remember something that recently happened. When stroke recovery rehab and techniques are done as soon as possible, the chances of a better recovery is increased.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Law Firm: Benefits Over Sole Practitioners

Should you choose a law firm to represent you over a sole practitioner? While there are benefits to both options, choosing to work with a larger company does offer many clients advantages that they cannot get anywhere else. Take advantage of your initial consultation to find out more about the differences between the two and which one feels most comfortable to you.

More Expertise:
A law firm often chooses one part of the legal system to focus on. They take on cases that are similar and in doing this they tend to reach an expert status. Instead of a lawyer that handles all types of cases, you get to work with individuals or a team that know the ins and outs of your legal situation.

When it comes time to reach a settlement or take the case to court, you can feel confident knowing that the person standing beside you knows what he is doing and knows what he is talking about. It is possible to find a law firm that offers a variety of services with different attorneys specializing in different areas of the legal system.

It is not easy to put together a successful law firm. In a way, you know that when you make an appointment here, you are dealing with a group of individuals that are successful. If they were not winning cases or they were struggling to get by, they would not be able to keep up the expense and the cost of the business.

Along with reputation, having a team of attorneys on your side can be intimidating to your opponent. It looks as though you have all kinds of resources at your disposal. In a sense, you do have more resources than someone that is working with a sole practitioner. The larger firms are, the more resources they tend to have. As a client, this can be a huge advantage to you. Some of these may be behind the scenes, but you can be sure that you are benefiting.

Shared Information, Knowledge and Experience:
In a law firm, several different people work together. While they are probably not all working on the same case, every person there is a resource. If your attorney has a problem, he has the opportunity to talk to others in the business and get opinions and information that he would not have access to otherwise. Hiring firms means hiring a group of people instead of just one. For some cases, this can make a real difference.

So which option is better for you? The best way to find out is talking to individuals and firms. Find out which one you feel will best be able to represent you and your best interest. Then, make the decision that feels right to you.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is considered to be a type of alternative medicine, and is centered around the belief that magnets, when applied directly to the body, may stimulate the healing process. Proponents of this therapy believe that it can improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, and even promote relaxation.

Some benefits of magnetic therapy apply to what may be considered mental well being. It is believed to cause the brain to release hormones called endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of happiness and contentment. In addition, magnets may also help to stabilize the metabolic system, which can also significantly impact mood.

Though little scientific research exists to help verify the medical benefits of therapy, many people claim to have been helped by the treatments. Treatments can be applied in a variety of ways, by using magnetic wraps, mattress pads, and adhesives. In addition, some people wear magnetic jewelry and belts. They believe that keeping magnets in constant contact with their bodies will safeguard them from many health issues, and will enable them to have round the clock treatment.

During 2004, studies were conducted to attempt to determine the health benefits of therapy. Though there was no clear evidence that magnets could actually cure illnesses, they did seem to have a remarkable impact on pain. People involved in the study group suffered from arthritis, pelvic pain, and fibromyalgia. In all cases, participants reported a marked reduction in pain following the end of the 12 week study. This would seem to indicate that magnetic therapy could be a good alternative the drugs in the treatment of pain management.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Case of a Boutique Law Firm Vs A Conventional Law Firm

The legal scene for some time has been changing with increase in specialized cases. These deal with areas like immigration and environmental laws. The economic conditions have also not been very supporting of the bigger firms as they are finding it hard to manage huge administrative overheads. Out of these times has emerged the phenomenon of a boutique law firm. These have usually been formed by practicing lawyers who left bigger firms and started their own practices which focus on niche areas.

Characteristics of a Boutique law firm:

1. It is usually smaller than a general practice law firms. At times it could just consist of one or two lawyers who have come together due to a shared passion for a particular area of law.

2. Most of these have been formed by attorneys who left bigger law firms to start their own practices. A good example is Chicago Law Partners which was started by five attorneys from Chicago law firm of Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg.

3. It focuses on a niche or a few niche areas rather than all aspects of law and order. For example, Chicago Law Partners takes up cases only for not-for-profit organizations.

4. They market themselves as "specialists" in their chosen area like immigration laws or maritime laws.

5. The fees charged by these firms are usually higher than the conventional general practice law firms.

Pros compared to a conventional law firm:

• A firm that handles all kind of cases may not have the depth and knowledge required for specialized cases say a divorce which involves child custody.

• If you find a boutique law firm which is passionate about your cause, you may be able to get their services at lower cost. And the dedication that stems from their passion for the cause is an added bonus.

• A boutique law firm because of its knowledge and involvement may be able to assist with investigating the case besides fighting it on your behalf.

• The staff at a boutique firm tends to provide more than just legal advice. Due to their vast experience, they can also provide personal and professional advice to deal with the issues you may be facing during your legal battle.

Cons compared to a conventional law firm:

• First is the cost of hiring such a firm which will be higher than that of hiring a conventional firm. This may reduce over time given their lower overheads but that is still to be seen.

• They may not have enough staff which could be deterrent at times for the case in hand.

As a concept it looks to be a better option than a conventional set-up especially for handle highly complex and specific cases. But, are firms ready to focus on just one area, is yet to be proven in the long run. Also needs to be proven is the implication that they are more than just small law firms attired in a new garb.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Recommended Alternative Therapy For Fibromyalgia Suffers

What is Alternative Therapy and why should Fibromyalgia sufferers be interested in it?

If you have Fibromyalgia, you probably have heard a lot of advice about how to treat it. Unfortunately, the mainstream medical community still does not understand much about this widespread disease. If you are not interested in using invasive medical techniques or medications, you may be interested in turning to alternative therapies. Alternative therapy is any form of treatment that is not based on conventional western medicine. Many of these therapies have been used successfully for thousands of years.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal condition that causes widespread pain all over the entire body. In addition to pain, the common symptoms of Fibromyalgia include tension headaches, fatigue due to sleep disorders, and stiffness. Many of these symptoms can be addressed through alternative therapies including massage therapy.

The Role of Massage Therapy in Treating Fibromyalgia

Massage is an ancient art that helps to relax the patient and decrease his or her stress levels. On a cellular level, massage stimulates the supply of oxygen to ailing muscular cells. While increasing the oxygen supply, it also helps to release any toxins that have built up in the area. The increase of oxygen and decrease of toxins help the Fibromyalgia patient with some of their pain and stiffness. Also, many people claim that an hour of massage is the muscular equivalent of about six hours of sleep so it can be helpful for fatigue as well. Most Fibromyalgia sufferers see the most effective results from massage when they combine it with low impact aerobic workouts.

The Importance of Regular and Frequent Massage Sessions

Many people treat massage as a frivolous purchase or as an occasional treat. This is fine, but people with Fibromyalgia may wish to access the benefits of massage more often. A single session with a massage therapist can help to relieve the pain that you are feeling right now. However, it will not help prevent pain that may arise in the future. If you schedule regular sessions with your massage therapist, you give them time to focus on your particular body and your unique needs. In the first few sessions, they will be able to relieve the pain in your problem areas. After that, they will move on to the rest of your body. While addressing your entire body, the massage therapist will help to prevent pain from arising in the future.

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you may be pleasantly surprised at the many benefits offered by alternative therapies. Massage and the power of touch can help to relieve many of the side effects associated with Fibromyalgia. Most massage therapists will be able to give you success stories of their past experiences working with individuals who suffer from Fibromyalgia.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Auto Accident Law Firm Benefits - Working With Pros Pays Off

An auto accident law firm is one that offers numerous attorneys who have experience in trying legal cases around automobile incidents. These are often some of the most costly personal injury cases and, for those involved in them, they can be some of the most devastating. However, with the help of legal professionals, you can reduce your risk, increase your ability to get any benefits, and even increase the amount of compensation you do receive. If you go without this service and try to work with insurance companies on your own, you could risk a great deal including your ability to receive any type of compensation.

Why You Shouldn't Go It Alone

Put aside your ability to get better results with an auto accident law firm. Instead, consider the process itself. If you were to handle the claims process on your own, you would be going up against powerful attorneys from insurance companies who know the system incredibly well. These professionals will have every advantage to reducing how much you actually get. Even when you have plenty of evidence to back up your claims, you may never actually see the benefits you deserve.

The Benefits You'll See

If you hire lawyers to work with you on the claims process or the court action you need to take, you will see some benefits. These benefits include your ability to get more for your claim.

- Many people do not claim enough because they do not know the types of claims they can make. Lost time at work, health insurance limitations or damage to property claims are often some of the claims you can make. Are you asking for enough?

- Did you consider your long-term expenses for any chronic condition that you could be facing as a result of this incident? For example, you may need physical therapy for years to improve your motor abilities. You should be factoring in the cost for any long-term care you may need.

- Have you considered your ability to earn something for the pain and loss you are facing? Pain and suffering are very real claims that you should be able to get something back from if you suffered them.

In short, if you work with an auto accident law firm, you will benefit from the experience and knowhow of these professionals. You get to benefit from their ability to help you to win your case, and to achieve the compensation goals you have. Many people do not realize what it takes to obtain these types of claims until they try to go through the process on their own.

Monday, May 13, 2013

What is Lymphedema Treatment?

Complete Decongestive Therapy is the best lymphedema treatment that is available today. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the swelling and prevent the fluids from pooling in the affected limb. The procedure involves lymphatic massage, compression bandaging, skin care and exercise. If treatment is begun in the early phase, the condition can be reversed. Complete decongestive therapy is a time consuming process that is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. However, it is the only fool proof method which can provide relief to the patient.

Skin hygiene is extremely important to eliminate debris and bacteria that collects on the surface of the skin. Cleansing of skin is essential and regular inspection helps to spot any developing infections like cellulitis. Early treatment of the infection prevents sepsis and other complications that might follow. Keeping the weight under control helps lymphedema patients manage the condition better. It also helps to avoid wearing constricting jewelry or tight clothes so that there is no constriction to the limb. It is best to take extra care to avoid even minor injuries. Even if there is an injury, it must be taken care of, however minor it may seem.

The use of compression garments is considered fundamental in treating lymphedema. These garments must be worn by the patient continuously. At night, the garment can be removed but the affected body part must be kept elevated to encourage the circulation. The compression garment must be properly outfitted so that it gives the best compression. If it is loose, it cannot provide the compression necessary for lymphedema treatment and the fluids will start accumulating in the limb. Besides, an ill-fitting compression garment may cause skin irritation to the patient, which is not a good sign. To stimulate the flow of fluids, regular exercise is a must. Even otherwise, exercising promotes a feeling of well-being that goes a long way in helping the body to heal.

Lymphedema is usually not treated with surgery. Patients who have severe lymphedema that is hampering their daily activities may opt for surgery. In such instances, the volume of the affected limb is reduced with the help of surgery. This may be of assistance to improve the functioning of the extremity to perform the daily activity which would have been impossible otherwise. The surgical procedures may intervene to develop the impaired lymphatic drainage or remove the tissue buildup that hinders functionality.

People try various new methods to manage this ailment which is a lifelong companion for those diagnosed with it. Some herbal extracts are said to reduce inflammation or improve lymphatic flow. Homeopathy is another alternative therapy that some patients advocate. Liposuction, magnetic therapy, acupuncture, Kinesiology, light beam generator therapy and laser treatments are some alternative lymphedema treatment methods that patients try out in their search for a cure for lymphedema.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men And Women

It's often said that while women go through menopause, men go through a mid life crisis. It might be a line that works in movies but it's practically unfounded. The notion that women go through a physiological change after a certain age while for men it's more existential, doesn't hold ground. Because men too suffer from a syndrome called Male Menopause or Andropause, which is lack of testosterone and DHEA in men. Hence Hormone Replacement Therapy works for both men and women.

Deficiencies in endogenous hormones affect both men and women. That's why Hormone Replacement Therapy, which has traditionally been considered as a treatment for women, is beneficial to men as well.

In this method bio identical hormones are administered to you to make up for the deficiency of those in your body. It's a non-invasive treatment as it's in the form of pills, gels or patches. Even the tests are simple and based on urine, blood and saliva samples.

However it's advisable to start with the treatment after consultation with a specialist physician. You will start seeing results within two months and feel a spark coming back into your life as your spirits are lifted.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for women:

  • It will reduce occurrences of hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Menopausal symptoms will be reduced and you will be able to deal with them better.
  • Mood swings, anxiety and chances of depression will be reduced.
  • There is a lesser risk of Osteoporosis and heart related diseases.
  • You will feel less tired and more energetic.
  • Memory lapses will be reduced; as blood flow in your body is improved you will be more alert.
  • You will lose weight because calories get burned faster. It will make you feel naturally fitter.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for men:

  • Erectile dysfunction or reduced sex drives are common symptoms of male menopause. Chances of that happening will be drastically reduced.
  • If you suffer from disturbed sleep you can feel less than your best the next day. After the treatment you will be able to sleep better.
  • There is a lesser risk of heart diseases and depression.
  • You will feel less irritable and fatigued all the time. You can concentrate better as well.

Remember in this case, what's good for women is good for men too.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Treatment

Mercury Toxicity- Are you at risk?

Heavy metals are ubiquitous substances, especially in industrialized countries. There are 16 heavy metals physicians routinely test. More than 1900 autoimmune diseases are now linked to heavy metal toxicity. Autoimmune diseases, immune dysfunction syndromes and treatment resistant conditions are linked to this type of chronic poisoning. A recent in a peer reviewed medical journal identifies men with mercury toxicity as being over two times as likely to have a heart attack than those with normal (non-toxic) levels. Chronic heavy metal toxicity and its treatment has been the subject of much controversy in the medical and dental communities and still is to this day. There are studies offered up by both sides of how significant or insignificant this is to human health. The American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) which celebrates it's 25th year anniversary this year is the leading American medical society for the study of heavy metal toxicity and its treatments (principally Chelation Therapy). As a member, I attended their annual meeting in November, 2002 in Phoenix and was convinced by the evidence presented based on international medical literature and data to consider this therapy in my private practice.

Closer to home, a subject of mine was not having the expected results with intense nutritional therapeutics and traditional medication (of which she was taking many pharmaceuticals). She continued to express immune dysfunction and a myriad of symptoms until it was discovered the cause of her resistance. Mercury toxicity. This article will focus on Mercury.

Industry contributes tons of mercury to our environment yearly. For example, coal power plants are responsible for 35% of the load dumped into our environment, medical waste incineration is responsible for 30%, and then there are sources, such as dental amalgams (~50% of a silver dental amalgam is actually mercury [Hg]). Another source is Thimerisol, a mercury based preservative found in vaccines, injectables and contact lens solutions. The water we drink is a potential for taking in this toxin as is the fish we eat. Larger fish, such as swordfish and shark are greater repositories for mercury. Still salmon, tuna, mackerel and bass have been shown to have levels higher than 1.0 parts per billion (ppb) deemed the limit by the FDA. To paint a clearer picture, 1.0 ppb of mercury is still 20,000 molecules of mercury present in each cell.

How does this happen? Mercury is released into the atmosphere as a vapor from industry which can travel miles until it comes down to earth in precipitation (rain) and enters our water and soil. Subsequently, the inorganic mercury is transformed by bacteria into an organic methyl-mercury, which is lipid soluble and freely passes through cell membranes, across the blood-brain barrier and placenta contaminating many body organs. Storing itself in our fat cells and especially our brains. If you have mercury amalgams, then mercury vapor is released by eating, drinking hot liquids or even brushing your teeth. These vapors are inhaled into our lungs and enter the body by that rout as well as by being swallowed. Obviously, those that are immunized with Thimerisol containing vaccines are being exposed from that source. A world environmental travesty is the over use of mercury containing anti-fungals in Africa's agriculture industry, which releases 100 tons of mercury laden fungacidals a year that vaporize and travels across the atmosphere in oceanographic weather patterns and will eventually find it way to U.S. soil.

What are symptoms of mercury toxicity? Some major symptoms include headaches, body pain, numbness, tingling, trouble with memory, trouble with concentration, gait and balance disturbance, various endocrine abnormalities and gastrointestinal disturbances. Also included are a number of autoimmune and immune dysfunction disorders, such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, Multiple Sclerosis and Systemic Lupus. Also on the list are CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, ALS, endometriosis and RSD.

How do I get tested? A very simple screening examination is made by the use of hair. Hair and nails are repositories for mercury (and other heavy metals) and is a relatively inexpensive screening tool. To have 16 heavy metals along with good elements analyzed, it will cost approximately $160. If there are high levels of mercury noted on hair analysis, then a chelation challenge or provocation test is ordered. This is where a chelation agent (a substance that pulls heavy metals out of your body) is given in a single dose and a 6-hour urine is collected. The chelating agent (usually DMSA) pulls mercury, for example, out of your cells and excretes them in your urine. DMSA, while FDA approved for lead detoxification, has an "off label" use for mercury detox. There are other agents like DMPS and D-Penicillamine that are used as well.

So if I have a high level what next? If the provocation test is positive, then a course of pulsed chelation sessions is prescribed to rid the body of the heavy metal. Unfortunately, mercury has a half-life of between 20 and 30 years, and mercury deposits quicker than the body can get rid of it on its own. Therefore, chelation therapy is necessary to treat this type of poisoning. Periodically, challenges are performed to follow progress. Other steps are to seek the source of contamination and avoid it, remove old mercury amalgams and replace them with non-toxic porcelain fillings and be cautious with which fish and seafood you consume. Vitamin C in high doses is useful alone or in combination with DMSA in chelating out mercury. Other nutritional recommendations are to replace sulfhydryl group containing amino acids and glutathione, since methyl-mercury has a high affinity for these compounds (the liver actually secretes small amounts of mercury via bile into the feces), so folks with liver disease are hindered in their ability to excrete even small amounts of mercury.

If you have concerns about heavy metal toxicity or mercury toxicity, seek guidance and a program from a physician with experience in chronic poisoning detoxification.

(c) 2004

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How To Choose The Right Disability Lawyer / Attorney

Research shows that people spend WAY more time selecting a car then they do an attorney - of any type! However, if you are looking for, and need, the services of a Disability Lawyer, it is STRONGLY recommended that you spend time preparing a search for, actually selecting, and actively working with the "right" one for you. Here are some suggestions for you in this process.


First of all, a lawyer's presence gives you significant clout, or what is known as "gravitas" (i.e., credibility and wealth of expertise and experience) with Insurance Companies and the Social Security Administration (particularly in the appeals processes).

Secondly, disability lawyers are aware of any loopholes that may exist, and can help you focus your energies and activities toward a successful outcome, particularly if you are in an appeals process.

Finally, and most importantly, if you have already been denied benefits, you REALLY need that disability lawyer to assist you in the appeals processes.


In future blogs, we will be providing direct links for you to use in locating a "disease-specific" Association or Organization in your state/location. These places are full of information, usually for free. And, they usually have a list of disability lawyers that their members have recommended.

Go online to a website that you have confidence in to search for law firms in your area. Visit their websites to check out their practice specialties, articles, clients, results, and personality. Particularly look to see if their website summarizes any cases in their areas of specialty.

Other "professional" friends or acquaintances of yours (Real Estate Agent; another type of lawyer; Church Pastor; Banker, etc.) might be able to recommend someone.


Selecting a disability lawyer should be like selecting a doctor; you really have to be comfortable with the one you select; their personality, their style, their way of communicating, etc.

You want a lawyer with at least five to seven (5 - 7) years of experience (and at least 3 of those must be in your particular state).
You want a lawyer who specializes in the area you need (i.e., Social Security law, or Disability Insurances - Long Term Disability Insurance), and whose practice is 70% to 75% or more in this specific area.

You want a lawyer who believes in communicating well with their client. You want him/her to be upfront and honest about your chances of winning.


Remember, you will want to select about 2 or 3 lawyers to interview, so that you have the ability to compare styles, personalities, and "fit" for you. Also, sometimes it helps to take along someone else that you trust, so that they can write down what is said.

Many disability lawyers will not charge for the initial free no-obligation initial consultation. BUT, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME PREPARED SO THAT YOU DO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME.

Take paper and pen to document your discussion. Write down your questions ahead of time, so that you will not forget them.

1) Explain your situation BRIEFLY. Start with what you want as an outcome from your association with the attorney.

2) Ask what his charges will be. See if he/she will not charge a fee unless they win or settle your case.

3) Ask how they will approach your problem.

4) Ask what you can do to improve your chances of success.

5) Ask what you can expect to happen over the next few weeks, months, at conclusion of the case.

6) Ask if they have any questions for you - about your case or anything else.


You should expect your chosen disability lawyer, the right one for you, to be someone who is:

Honest about your situation, your chances, and each step in the process;
Timely in scheduling meetings, turning in documents, in letting you know who, what, and where you need to do, go, and see;
Available (either him/herself or someone on his/her staff) at critical junctions in your case; and,
Realistic about the process, your case, and each step in the journey.

In exchange for his/her expertise in your case, your disability attorney should be able to expect the following from you. That you will be:
Honest with him/her at all times;
Timely in providing documents to him/her, in attending meetings, etc.;
Prepared and available for each meeting, and respectful of his/her time; and,
Realistic about your chances in the process.

Best of luck in your successful selection and work with the RIGHT disability attorney for you! If you have any additional suggestions for folks looking for a disability lawyer, we'd love to hear them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Differences Between Debt Settlement Companies And Debt Settlement Law Firms

There are hundreds of Debt Settlement Companies advertising on the Internet and Television these days. These companies help consumers settle high amount of credit cards and unsecured debts, negotiating with their creditors to cut a substantial amount of the original debt. The consumer mails the agreed monthly payment to them and they distribute the funds to their creditors. This is a fast process to get debt relief and eliminate the burden of debts. If the debtor chooses the right company, he will be able to have control of his finances again.

*They can't stop collectors from harassing the debtor.

*Collectors can still sue the debtor and take him to court.

*When the debt is settled, it shows as 'debt settled' in the credit report instead of 'full payment'.

*This will affect the consumer's ability to apply for a loan or a large purchase in the future, like a home or a car. The lender or creditor will be hesitant to give him a loan or credit once they see the credit report.

*Some of these debt relief settlement companies request their service fees up front, which takes off the company's motivation to do the best effort and get the consumer the best debt relief help available.

*Some of them request upfront fees, and will deduct them from the first payments they receive from the consumer.

*Other settlement companies, allow the consumer to make the fees payment on a monthly basis.

*Some will try to convince the consumer to let them withdraw the monthly payment from their checking account. The best practice would be to send them a check for the payment every month.

Note: If the consumer didn't research properly when he chose the debt relief company, and the company chosen is a fraudulent one, they may drain his checking account and by the time he realizes it, he'll be broke and his debt will still be there with the added high interest rate and late fees. Creditors and collectors will start harassing the consumer constantly.

Make sure that the Company has been in business for at least 5 years. Fraudulent companies usually drain their customers checking accounts and then closed the business and open it again with a different name somewhere else; making it impossible for the customer to track them.

Debt Settlement Law Firms

These are teams of experienced attorneys who offer free consultation to evaluate the consumer financial situation and help him to get debt free. They are licensed and prepared to deal with all financial situations following their State's code of professionalism and high ethical standards. These Law firms offer free consultation to analyze their clients financial needs and advise them of the best debt relief option to choose.

*The attorney will not charge any upfront fees.

*The attorney's fees are paid when the debt is settled and their fees are more affordable than the settlement company's fees.

*The consumer has attorney-client confidentiality during the process.

*The debt settlement attorney can stop collectors and creditors from harassing the debtor. He will write them a letter requesting them to stop contacting him, what ensures that the collector be bound to obey by the rules of law. A letter from a debt settlement company or a debtor will be ignored completely.

*The attorney is a mediator between the debtor and creditor or collector, so they have to contact the lawyer with related issues.

*The attorney will inform the debtor about the laws and regulations implemented by the Federal and State Law governing bodies, so the debtor can be aware of the availability of protection and fairness he is entitled to, including, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act that allows debtors to sue a creditor who is on violation of the above stated Act.

*If a creditor or collector harasses the debtor after being told by the attorney to stop, he will becomes subject to a potential lawsuit from the debtor.

*The debtor has extra protection with the Bar Association. The attorney is less likely to risk his license knowing that he cannot just get another and start again somewhere else, he is better off doing the best he can for his client to get debt free.

*The attorney can arrange for a settlement out of the court, so the debtor doesn't have to go through the court process.

I hope this article provides you with helpful credit information to start dealing with your financial problems and find the debt relief help you need. Feel free to check the top three reviewed debt settlement companies that can help you find the best help option available to straighten out your debt problems.