Friday, May 24, 2013

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is considered to be a type of alternative medicine, and is centered around the belief that magnets, when applied directly to the body, may stimulate the healing process. Proponents of this therapy believe that it can improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, and even promote relaxation.

Some benefits of magnetic therapy apply to what may be considered mental well being. It is believed to cause the brain to release hormones called endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of happiness and contentment. In addition, magnets may also help to stabilize the metabolic system, which can also significantly impact mood.

Though little scientific research exists to help verify the medical benefits of therapy, many people claim to have been helped by the treatments. Treatments can be applied in a variety of ways, by using magnetic wraps, mattress pads, and adhesives. In addition, some people wear magnetic jewelry and belts. They believe that keeping magnets in constant contact with their bodies will safeguard them from many health issues, and will enable them to have round the clock treatment.

During 2004, studies were conducted to attempt to determine the health benefits of therapy. Though there was no clear evidence that magnets could actually cure illnesses, they did seem to have a remarkable impact on pain. People involved in the study group suffered from arthritis, pelvic pain, and fibromyalgia. In all cases, participants reported a marked reduction in pain following the end of the 12 week study. This would seem to indicate that magnetic therapy could be a good alternative the drugs in the treatment of pain management.

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