Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Reasons Lawyers Practice Law

Many of my friends like myself, are lawyers. Since law school and over the years I have realized that there are some common reasons why despite the unmitigated misery, pressure and stress they choose to practice law.

* Money - They think they will make loads of money. A six figure income is a heck of an inducement.

* Snob Appeal - They view law as a prestigious occupation and that along with money it will lead to, for some, an improvement and for others, preservation of their status

* Challenges - They think of the law as an intellectually challenging and stimulating field perfect for the skills they already have and want to sharpen.

* Pressure - They are from a family of lawyers. They are expected to join the firm.

* Naivety - They see so many wrongs in the world and they want to change them.

While some may actually enjoy the cut and thrust of the practice, in my own experience, I will have to say that most lawyers are unhappy in their jobs. I have seen the job lead to the break down of their family lives, their emotional stability and their quality of life in general. Sadly many of them see no way out but to tolerate the agony of the practice while recognizing the harm it poses to their broader existence.

We need to get real and get a life. We don't have to sit down day after day in a miserable job. If you really think about it, you can find a way to have the things you want while doing the things you love. Remember you have the power, you can leave the bar.

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